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Company Les Sœurs Schmutt’s mission is to create choreographic works for a variety of stages, settings and occasions, and to facilitate international encounters and artistic collaborations. Founded in 2004, under the dual artistic direction of twin sisters Élodie and Séverine Lombardo, Les Soeurs Schmutt have created more than ten works for the stage, presented in Montreal at Tangente, Monument National, Usine C as well as a number of Maisons de la Culture throughout the city and toured in Quebec and Mexico. The company also strives to democratize contemporary dance, engaging in projects created in collaboration with the community and reaching out to new audiences: on the streets, in schools, in public places and all sorts of surprising settings. They created a dozen street shows and in situ artistic performances.

élodie lombardo

Born in France, Élodie Lombardo lives in Quebec since 1999. She completed a dual profile in choreography and performance in 2003 at the dance department of Université du Québec à Montréal. She joined her sister to create Company Les Soeurs Schmutt in 2004, assuming the role of co-artistic director. Her creative process is rooted in the theatricality of dance, which she explores through the dynamic encounters of various performance media: theater, live music, video. All her work tends to challenge boundaries (disciplinary, affective, geographical): blending, bending, moving and questioning them. Élodie is also a relentless performer and creator of in situ projects.

séverine lombardo

French-born and living in Quebec since 1999, Séverine Lombardo completes in 2004 a bachelor in dance choreography and performance at Université du Québec à Montréal. On this same year, she begins working with her twin sister Élodie, sharing the artistic and general direction of newly created company Les Soeurs Schmutt. Since then, Séverine alternates between dancing contracts and projects of her own; she creates five pieces for the stage, co-signs in situ performances with her sister as well as commissioned works, all the while dancing in her sister’s pieces in Quebec and Mexico. Séverine also partakes in numerous artistic collaborations as a performer: alongside Fanfare Pourpour, Super Musique, La 2e Porte à gauche, Emmanuel Jouthe/Danse Carpe Diem and Danse-Cité, as well as community co-creation projects with artistic accomplice, videographer Robin Pineda Gould. Her artistic process revolves around the sensation and the intimate, using dance as an interface with the material world and always placing the dancer-spectator relationship in the center of her preoccupation.

sonia bustos

Mexican-born interpreter-creator Sonia Bustos holds a Masters in dance at Université du Québec à Montréal (2014) and a License in theater at Universidad Nacional Autònoma de México (2006). She starts her dance career in Mexico, first as a performer with company Danza Contemporánea Universitaria (2005-2008). In 2012 and 2013, Sonia dances in Ganas de vivir, by Les Soeurs Shmutt. Since 2012, she collaborates in the interdisciplinary project Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, presented in Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic and Austria. She uses video-dance as a means to question the ephemeral quality of dance. Her artistic practice emphasizes on political engagement and the development of fair working relations.

robin pineda gould

guido del fabbro

Guido is a member of groups La Fanfare Pourpour, l’Ensemble SuperMusique and Ratchet Orchestra. He regularly works with dance company Les Soeurs Schmutt, with Théâtre Incliné as well as D.Kimm (cie. Les Filles Électriques). He collaborated on various recordings, either as a musician, arranger or director, for various artists: Philippe B, Groenland, Forêt, Richard Séguin, Philémon Cimon and Pierre Lapointe. With the latter, he worked on stage between 2004 and 2013. In 2014, he was invited by Pointe-à-Callière museum, to create a piece for La Symphonie Portuaire. Two solo projects were released on label Ambiances Magnétiques: Carré de sable (2003) and Agrégats (2007) and one on label &records: Ctenophora (2012).

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